February 7, 2010

Can the Electronic Cigarette improve your sex life?

Can the Electronic Cigarette improve your sex life?
When you are 18, chances are you can drink and smoke all evening - and still make love all night long.
However, for long term smokers the nights may not be so active.
Cigarettes, according to some experts, can cause the libido to drop and even lead to impotence in the long term.

In Smoking, Sex and the  Electronic Cigarette, sexpert Professor Louise Van Der Velde (also known as the Love Doctor GMTV) argues that:
"Instantly, after just one cigarette, the body's ability to function decreases, which means erections can be a problem. It also affects libido and general desire, as smoking massively effects the hormonal balance, and testosterone levels are responsible for libido."
Other experts emphasise the long term damage.
According to Dr Murray Laugesson, a great support of the electronic cigarette:
"Smoking long term damages the blood vessels and moderate arterial insufficiency is a precondition for most impotence."
The Electronic Cigarette
But can the electronic cigarette help your sex life?
The answer, according to Dr Murray Laugesson, is probably yes:
"With respect to e-cigarettes, the nicotine dose per puff is only about 10% that of a puff from a regular tobacco cigarette, and so e-cigarettes alone are unlikely to cause impotence."
Things are looking good! And they look even better in a survey conducted by ECigaretteDirect.co.uk.
The Electronic Cigarette Sex Survey
A survey into sex, smoking and the electronic cigarette found that 57.1% of people found that e cigarettes improved their sex life.
According to one respondent:
"If I had a sex life, I know it would improve, simply because I can breathe now and don't feel like crap or cough all the time. While smoking, sex was as embarrassing as running up a flight of stairs next to a non-smoker and not being able to catch my breath. Now I could be much more active in bed and not stink like an ashtray either!"
James Dunworth, the author of the article and the survey, and who also runs the email course: Sex, Smoking and the Truth About the Electronic Cigarette (link), told us that the survey was not entirely serious, and also that it covered too few a number of people to provide definitive results.
Still, if your sex life is suffering it could still be worth a try...

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